Appeal Policy

Appealing the Editorial Decision

If the author believes the decision to reject the submission by the editor or the reviewer was not in accordance with journal policy and procedures, the author may appeal the decision by providing the editor with a detailed point-by-point response to reviewer and editor comments. The editor will revisit the peer review process undertaken for the submission. If the decision was made in line with editorial criteria, the decision to reject is final. If the author is dissatisfied with the way the editor has handled their appeal, they may contact at

 Appealing Corrective Action taken Post Publication

If concerns are raised on a published article, the Editor, in line with guidance provided by the journal,  will determine whether a published article needs to be retracted or not. As referenced in the authorship agreement, the journal reserve the right to take corrective action as they deem necessary in the interest of their responsibility for maintaining a transparent and accurate academic record.

General Concerns or Complaints

Any author wishing to raise a concern or make a complaint about any aspect of being published in a journal, should email at Our managing editor will then lead the investigation following journal guidelines. The investigation will establish whether the correct procedures have been followed and assess whether the author’s concerns have been addressed fairly and without prejudice. IJETE will review the paper’s peer review history and any correspondence between the author, editor, and reviewers. The author will be informed of the outcome in writing.