Allegations of Misconduct

Publication of a manuscript in IJETE represents a relationship of trust between the author and publisher. Authors are expected to be aware of the importance of research integrity and to take utmost care to avoid any form of research misconduct. However, despite these precautions, instances of ethical breaches may still occur, whether intentionally or unintentionally. In such cases, if a breach of ethics is reported by anyone or observed by the editorial team, the journal reserves the right to refer the matter to the Research Integrity Panel for investigation.

The panel, comprising the Editor-in-Chief, two senior editorial team members, and co-opted experts relevant to the manuscript's field, will assess the case on its merits and determine the fate of the submitted manuscript. The committee will take appropriate measures to ensure justice, including giving authors the opportunity to submit an explanation in response to the allegations. The record will be corrected as decided by the committee, or will remain unchanged if the allegations are deemed unfounded.

The Research Integrity Panel is committed to upholding the highest standards of research integrity and ensuring that all published research meets the highest ethical standards.